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Dynamic Digital Signage

Today's vivid display technology promises to redefine public area signage

Digital signage display in a retail store

Dynamic digital signage refers to customizable displays that deliver targeted content, such as product advertisements, weather updates, and news. These digital signs can be changed dynamically to reflect differences in the viewing audience from location to location, morning to afternoon, etc. In retail environments, dynamic signs are frequently placed in key store departments and the content is tailored to the specific products offered there. Most dynamic digital signage software includes remote scheduling/playlist creation tools that allow the network operator to change content on one display, a group of displays, or the entire digital sign network at once, eliminating the cost and lag time associated with traditional printed signage and POP displays.

Dynamic digital signage networks frequently utilize LCD displays or projection screens to deliver targeted advertising content to shoppers at the point-of-decision.

Customers frequently ask us for information on how dynamic signage impacts purchase decisions, along with the ROI potential of signage networks. We have compiled a series of articles on this very topic:

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