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M2M and the
Internet of Things

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Digital Signage Solutions

FireCast Enterprise: Device Management for Networks of M2M Systems and Connected Devices

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) systems allow networks of intelligent devices to seamlessly communicate with each other on the rapidly-growing Internet of Things (IoT). Common uses of M2M technology include adding remote control and monitoring capabilities, centralized data collection and graphical display to devices deployed in the field. Learn more about M2M and the Internet of Things

FireCast Enterprise provides cloud-hosted device management, content management, application management and on-the-fly reporting for networks of connected devices. Learn more

Solutions and Markets

Our FireCast platform makes it easy to manage connected devices including digital signage, M2M systems and touchscreen kiosks in retail, banking, transit, restaurants, hotels, offices, healthcare and education.
FireCast EasyStart: For Smaller Digital Signage Projects

EasyStart is the affordable and easy-to-use solution for projects with just a few digital signs or touchscreen kiosks, or when you don't need centralized management. It's also great for digital menu boards, electronic billboards and video walls. Learn more

FireCast Enterprise: For Large Networks of Digital Signs

FireCast Enterprise provides a centralized CMS, on-the-fly reporting and advanced customization for large networks of digital signs. Learn more

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Learn how to budget for digital signage, calculate digital signage ROI, choose a business model, design effective digital signage content, and calculate the cost of an LED billboard.

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