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Captive Audience Networks

How the right mix of content and advertising can reduce perceived wait times and drive sales.

Sample screen from captive audience network

Captive audience networks are a broadcast-like medium for delivering informative content to viewers while they wait in a particular venue. Common locations for these networks include medical center waiting rooms, train and bus stations, and retail checkout areas. Because viewers are likely to be waiting for an extended period of time, it is important that the content be useful and informative, rather than entirely commercial. Thus, a well-designed captive audience network will often combine educational content with corporate sponsorships, helping meet the needs of viewers and advertisers alike. Management software for captive audience networks typically includes remote scheduling tools that allow the network operator to change content on one display, a group of displays, or the entire network at once, as well as tailor content based on the time of day.

Captive audience networks frequently utilize plasma displays and LCDs to deliver content that is relevant to the target audience. The above image illustrates branded content from a medical center waiting room.

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