The top digital signage, retail media and kiosk articles for June 1 - June 16

Published on: 2015-02-05

Here are the 5 articles from this week that we've picked as the most interesting, important or unusual.  As always, let us know if you agree or disagree:

  • PDM and Sigma announce 20% sales increase using in-store digital media network - Key results from their research showed that in-store advertising increases sales by up to 20% on the previous month where no advertising was shown; In store advertising increased sales for the same month over the previous year; and in-store advertising not only reversed the decline in sales for the previous year but increased sales by a minimum of 55%
  • Focus Media (FMCN) posts strong earnings from digital signage division - In the first quarter of 2008, digital out-of-home advertising revenue was $108.7 million, up 113.4% year-over-year. Advertising service revenue from our commercial location network, including revenue from our LCD display networks, outdoor digital and non-digital billboard networks and movie theater advertising network, grew 96.8% year-over-year to $62.3 million. Advertising service revenue from our in-store network, including revenues from CGEN Digital Media Company Limited ("CGEN"), was $17.3 million, an increase of 160.2% year-over-year.
  • CBS Outernet to launch digital signage network in GameStop stores - The newly upgraded network, called GameStop TV, offers digital delivery of content and advertising to high definition screens. GameStop TV will feature product promotions, game previews, developer interviews and other customized content, as well as advertising targeted to GameStop's 73 million monthly young game enthusiast shoppers.
  • The Power of In-store "Proxemic Marketing" - The article talks about the human Orienting Reflex (OR), a physiological mechanism that forces us to redirect our attention to a specific stimulus. The research indicates that when attention is directed upward it is often to expand the focus of our attention in order to take in as much as possible. However, when our attention is directed downward, we tend to narrow our attention focus and really hone in. This stems from our ancestral roots, when the survival instinct triggered us to pay extra attention when looking downward to avoid safety hazards such as holes, snakes and trip hazards.
  • Some gamers already upset by new CBS Outernet/Gamestop in-store TV network - As Bill said, Gamestop needs to take a look at how their current in-store TV network works -- since there are clearly detractors out there -- and take some of the complaints above as constructive criticism. As we always note when discussing digital signage with newcomers to the industry: the network must align the interests of all involved parties, including the viewers. Too often, companies will be able to elaborate the expected benefits to advertisers, the host venues and the network owner/operator, but fail to even mention the viewer.

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