Some gamers already upset by new CBS Outernet/Gamestop in-store TV network

Published on: 2015-02-05

Bill just posted an article to Digital Signage News about GameStop's new in-store TV network, which we mentioned here earlier.  We want to point out one of the comments from Kotaku, a gamer blog whose readers are likely the sort you'd find inside a GameStop.  Most of the comments were negative,  like:

hk458 says:
One more reason to stay away from those stores.
All_Thumbs says:

If it's so bad, why don't you just sabotage the equipment? Organize a nationwide 'failure' of this advertising bullshit everywhere. Gamestop, 7-11, the gas stations, everywhere they have those crappy canned ads constantly trying to gain a foothold in your conscious and unconscious mind. It will only get worse and worse. Wait for nano-tech. You won't be able to buy anything or go anywhere without built in streaming ads embedded. Hell, why not include them in your nano-tech health supplements? Won't it be great when the ad agencies can attach their message directly to your optic and auditory nerves? Unless the monsters subjecting you to it are made aware that you won't accept it anymore, don't be suprised...

Or, yeah, just tune it out.

Our take:

As Bill said, Gamestop needs to take a look at how their current in-store TV network works -- since there are clearly detractors out there -- and take some of the complaints above as constructive criticism. As we always note when discussing digital signage with newcomers to the industry: the network must align the interests of all involved parties, including the viewers. Too often, companies will be able to elaborate the expected benefits to advertisers, the host venues and the network owner/operator, but fail to even mention the viewer.

WireSpring's digital signage page, features a collection of articles from our blog that focus on ways to avoid the fate this leads to (network failure, bankruptcy, etc.).  If you're just getting started in the market, or if you're preparing for a new project or even working on ways to improve an existing one, you should check it out.

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