In an effort to win new customers and convince existing ones to use more services, many banks are turning to digital signs and connected devices as a way to improve the banking experience and communicate better with customers. Here are some popular applications for branch banking:

Smartphones and Tablets: New customers can view a guided tour explaining the bank's service offerings, while existing customers can watch step-by-step guides on applying for a mortgage or saving for retirement.

Waiting Area Displays: While customers are waiting in line for tellers or elsewhere in the branch, digital signs can serve as dynamic bank message boards, delivering compelling messages about current rates and the benefits of signing up for new products and services. In some cases, the bank messaging is placed alongside live TV and news feeds, ensuring that the content remains interesting and up-to-date.

Product Information and Transactional Kiosks: Using a touchscreen system, customers can browse for available products, see how interest rates and terms might affect their mortgage payments, and more. By educating customers with a bank kiosk, they are more likely to sign up for higher-margin services and expand their relationship with the bank or credit union.

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