From digital signs and ticket kiosks to beverage dispensers and parking meters, many of the devices that you see and interact with on a daily basis are managed and monitored remotely. For more than a decade, WireSpring's software platform has enabled companies to design and deploy large networks of connected devices and manage them from the cloud.



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Set up your screens and other devices in minutes

Upload your content and applications

  • Mix videos, images and web apps
  • Include local content, remote data stores and live data/video streams
  • Upload pre-built applications to manage from the cloud

Add application logic and schedule content playlists

  • Dynamic controls let you choose when, where and how to display content and applications
  • Create and schedule custom commands and application logic
  • Collect log events and data from connected sensors and peripherals

Organize your devices and deploy your content and apps

  • Create groups for easy organization
  • Tag devices and media assets with custom metadata for fast searching, sorting and application
  • View network status at a glance, and drill down to the individual device level for more detail

Monitor everything from the web and import/export your data

  • Generate and save complex report queries
  • Export finished report documents or structured data files
  • Integrate with third-party systems via robust, web-based APIs

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We're experts at M2M, IoT and digital signage

With more than a decade of remote management experience, WireSpring's platform has been used by hundreds of companies and manages thousands of devices. A few of the customers we've helped include:

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