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Digital Signage Solutions

Our digital signage solutions enable you to remotely control the content on one screen or thousands, right from your web browser. Schedule media playback, integrate live video feeds and get status updates in one convenient place.

FireCast ClientCenter Cloud provides a centralized CMS, on-the-fly reporting and advanced customization for large networks of digital signs.

FireCast EasyStart is the affordable and easy-to-use solution for projects with just a few digital signs or kiosks, or when you don't need centralized management.

M2M & IoT Solutions

Our Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions enable you to add remote control and monitoring, centralized data collection and graphical user interfaces to your devices.

FireCast M2M Edition provides cloud-hosted device management, content management, application management and on-the-fly reporting for networks of connected devices.

WireSpring also offers comprehensive professional services, hardware demo kits and more -- everything you might need to get your project up and running.


Choose the management style that's right for you

Deploy your devices with confidence. Get up-and-running in minutes using our highly scalable, cloud-based remote management system. Or, virtualize our server technology and bring it inside your datacenter.


Set up your screens and other devices in minutes

Upload your content and applications

  • Mix videos, images and web apps
  • Include local content, remote data stores and live data/video streams
  • Upload pre-built applications to manage from the cloud

Add application logic and schedule content playlists

  • Dynamic controls let you choose when, where and how to display content and applications
  • Create and schedule custom commands and application logic
  • Collect log events and data from connected sensors and peripherals

Organize your devices and deploy your content and apps

  • Create groups for easy organization
  • Tag devices and media assets with custom metadata for fast searching, sorting and application
  • View network status at a glance, and drill down to the individual device level for more detail

Monitor everything from the web and import/export your data

  • Generate and save complex report queries
  • Export finished report documents or structured data files
  • Integrate with third-party systems via robust, web-based APIs

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We're experts at M2M, IoT and digital signage

With more than a decade of remote management experience, WireSpring's platform has been used by hundreds of companies and manages thousands of devices. A few of the customers we've helped include:

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