Outpatient clinics, imaging centers, diagnostic labs and other healthcare facilities are all potential hotspots for deadly diseases like CoVID-19. Locations that treat patients with weakened immune systems and assisted living facilities are especially vulnerable. While today's sanitizing and social distancing protocols have significantly improved these facilities' ability to keep infection at bay, they often require putting staff into higher risk situations, like having them conduct entrance pre-screening. WireSpring's solutions for healthcare aim to reduce the load on already-strained healthcare workers with automated pre-screening systems, virtual queuing for enforcing enhanced social distancing rules, and integrated digital signage and messaging for educating and informing staff, visitors and patients about the latest health rules and guidelines.

Screen Visitors and Staff with the SmartFlow SENSE Temperature-Checking Kiosk

Encourage employee and visitor compliance with health and safety guidelines by implementing contactless temperature checking at your venue entrances. Unlike handheld solutions, there's no need to have an employee come into close contact with each person as they enter.

Leveraging a state-of-the-art Intel® RealSense™ depth-sensing camera, the SmartFlow SENSE kiosk can detect when a subject is in front of the temperature scanner, and provide instructions (if needed) to ensure optimal temperature detection. The system is compatible with masks, glasses and most protective eyewear, and can send a live video feed or image of the scanned visitor's face to an attendant for additional safety and security.

An integrated, reference-grade infrared (IR) scanner can measure the surface temperature of a detected visitor in as little as 125 milliseconds, and can forward the result, along with an optional image of the user, to an attendant for additional review.

Enforce Social Distancing with SmartFlow Virtual Queuing

SmartFlow lets visitors and guests wait in line... without actually waiting in line. The system allows visitors to arrive at your venue and join an ad-hoc queue from their mobile phone. If the visitor made an appointment beforehand, they'll get a text reminder as the scheduled time appears. Then, they'll be able to "check in" via text once they arrive at your venue. Once "in line," they're free to wait anywhere nearby -- even outside or in their car -- until your attendant calls them in via text message, so there's no need to keep a staff member at the door.

Visitors can even be "passed" along, for example from one department to the next, to help avoid crowds of waiting visitors.

Educate and Inform with FireCast Digital Signage

FireCast digital signage lets you organize your content, create and schedule playlists, manage applications, generate playback and usage reports, and monitor device status right from your browser. Whether you keep one screen in a waiting room, have a network of screens across a large campus, or use a high-brightness display to educate visitors before they even enter your facility, FireCast gives you easily display and update timely, important information to patients, visitors and staff alike.