Companies that spead their workforce across multiple locations can have a hard time communicating key information to their employees, especially those who don't have their own computers to access email, benefits plans, and other info. Likewise, many remote branch offices, factories and logistics facilities lack a dedicated staff for helping guests find their way. Here are some ways that companies like yours are using connected devices to keep employees in the loop and direct visitors to their destination:

Smartphones and Tablets: Employees can use their own mobile devices or company-issued ones to watch training and safety videos and access updates from the HR department, even when they're away from the primary worksite.

Employee Communications Networks and Business TV: Staff members can view corporate updates, safety bulletins, and training and safety videos on large-format corporate television displays in break rooms, cafeterias and other common areas. Content on the corporate communications network or corporate TV channel can be updated centrally from the main office, or customized on a local or regional basis for more specialized internal TV applications. Business television networks can also show third-party informational content, such as local weather conditions and emergency news updates.

Touchscreen Lobby Directories and Wayfinding Systems: Visitors use a touchscreen wayfinding kiosk to locate who they're visiting and how to get there. The system can also print a map and access credentials, when appropriate.

Employee Self-Service Kiosks: Factory workers and others who don't have their own computer can view HR-related information on an employee kiosk placed in a break room or other common area. Typically, touchscreen terminals or standard computers are used to provide secure and controlled access to email, safety guides, and benefits information (including time off/PTO requests and health care claims).

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