CBS Outernet to launch digital signage network in GameStop stores

Published on: 2015-02-05

As this press release notes:

The newly upgraded network, called GameStop TV, offers digital delivery of content and advertising to high definition screens. GameStop TV will feature product promotions, game previews, developer interviews and other customized content, as well as advertising targeted to GameStop's 73 million monthly young game enthusiast shoppers.

The network has begun a rapid rollout and will be completed during 2009. CBS Outernet will manage advertising sales for the network. In addition, CBS Outernet is providing custom programming to the network each month, including content from CBS Television, CBS College Sports, and other CBS Corporation properties.

With the addition of GameStop, CBS Outernet's digital media networks now span over 5,500 key retail locations reaching over 150 million monthly shoppers.
Our take:

GameStop has had a DVD-driven in-store TV network for a number of years now, but of course the difficulty of updating such a network in the 4,000+ locations across the country has limited its appeal to potential advertisers.  CBS Outernet hopes to change that with a network-driven dynamic digital signage network that would allow near-real-time updates, dynamic ad insertion, and all of the other goodies typical to modern digital signs.

While the stores' audiences are somewhat homogeneous, we wonder how effective CBS will be in selling ads onto the network.  On their side is the fact that the video game industry continues to boom, even during the economic downturn. However, unless CBS can fill the ad roster with gaming-related spots, there may not be much potential to sell space to non-gaming related companies.

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