Cookie Policy

Last updated: July 2, 2020

How WireSpring Uses Cookies

This cookie policy outlines how WireSpring uses cookies on our corporate Homepages (located at and, on FireCast ClientCenter (located at, and on the FireCast SmartFlow queuing interface (located at

We use a persistent cookie on our Homepages to assign you a visitor ID number or similar identifier. The visitor ID number is primarily used to identify repeat visitors to our sites and the pages they view during each visitor session. The number does not by itself include any information about you or your visitor history, but rather serves as a link to this information as it appears in our database.

Depending on the extent of your relationship with WireSpring, the information contained in our database may vary. For instance, if you simply browse our sites without contacting us via a form or live chat, the info may simply consist of the pages you have viewed on our sites. Conversely, if you choose to fill out a form in order to receive product information via email, open the corresponding email, and choose to participate in a live chat session, the info in our database may also include a record of those interactions.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

If you do not wish to be identified upon repeat visits to our Homepages or when participating in subsequent live chat sessions, you may disable or delete the corresponding cookies in your browser. You may also opt-out of certain uses of cookies via the cookie consent banner that appears during your first visit to our websites, or by using the settings below to update your consent settings.

You must have cookies enabled in order to use ClientCenter. We use session ID cookies in ClientCenter to uniquely identify your user session after you log in, track usage as customers move through the application, and expire inactive session data. You may not opt-out of these session ID cookies, as they are necessary in order to provide you with access to the ClientCenter service. ClientCenter session ID cookies are automatically deleted when you log out of ClientCenter or remain inactive for a certain period of time.

Updating Your Cookie Consent Settings

To review or update your cookie consent settings, please refer to the information and settings below.

Cookie consent settings will be added to this page shortly.

Questions About This Cookie Policy

If you have any questions about this cookie policy, please contact us at