The top digital signage, retail media and kiosk articles for June 17 - June 22

Published on: 2015-02-05

Here are the 5 articles from this week that we've picked as the most interesting, important or unusual.  As always, let us know if you agree or disagree:
  • Retec's In-Store Digital Signage Drives 24% Sales Uplift - Strong results boosted Retec's claims that digital signage ads offer a good value, though we have to suspect that that 24% number wasn't an average, it was probably an overall number, or a maximum. That is to say, it's highly unlikely that the signs were able to lift the sales of every DVD on the rack by 24% (or anything close).
  • POPAI and G-I-M publish new digital signage research - It's unlikely that the research published by POPAI is infallible or 100% bias free, since the organization's entire being revolves around the growth of the marketing at-retail industry. However, as promoters of the digital signage industry and experienced backers of the brands, retailers and marketing groups that have made the in-store marketing industry what it is today, they have likely assembled a more accurate and relevant picture of the industry than many of the other 'research' companies have done already.
  • NBC builds onto Fuelcast digital signage network - NBC Everywhere, the out-of-home video network operated by NBC Universal, is expanding its partnership with the Fuelcast Network, which operates a network of video displays in pumps at gas stations. In addition to bringing NBCU content to another 100 stations around the U.S., the deal makes NBCU the exclusive content provider and ad sales partner for Fuelcast; its official name is now the "Fuelcast Network powered by NBC."
  • GameStop selects The Marketing Arm as AOR - They selected an agency of record (AOR) that will specifically assist them in making the network look good. And third, they're looking at using the network as part of an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach, even though their partnership with CBS Outernet will surely lead to some external ad sales, which can always muddy the waters for a brand-driven experience.
  • Digital signage sparks interest in kiosks - While the kiosks often provide valuable and time-saving services to people, they're frequently underutilized because people either don't know that they're there, or they don't know what they can do. Digital signs have the advantage of being extremely eye-catching, and of course, customizable so that messages can be tailored to the specific uses of the kiosks, and even better, the uses that people will be most likely to appreciate.

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