GameStop selects The Marketing Arm as AOR

Published on: 2015-02-05

As DMNews notes:

Video game retailer GameStop Corp. has named The Marketing Arm as its promotions agency of record. It will also be responsible for direct marketing.

The agency will work to develop fully integrated promotional events for GameStop, including in-store experiences and merchandising.

The relationship with The Marketing Arm reflects a “new commitment [on GameStop's part] to talking to customers in a more integrated and focused man­ner,” said Kristin Djurdjulov, director of marketing at GameStop.

The Marketing Arm will also manage direct and partner marketing and wireless and interactive promotions, as well as develop content for GameStop TV, the retailer's in-store TV network. Previously, these activities were handled either in-house by GameStop or with the assistance of agency Six Degrees.

Our take:

This is newsworthy for a few reasons. First of all, GameStop very publicly announced the planned re-launch of their GameStop TV in-store digital signage network just a few weeks ago. Secondly, they selected an agency of record (AOR) that will specifically assist them in making the network look good. And third, they're looking at using the network as part of an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach, even though their partnership with CBS Outernet will surely lead to some external ad sales, which can always muddy the waters for a brand-driven experience. The article also notes that, "instead of planning many smaller, local promotions throughout the year, GameStop will be emphasizing fewer pro­motions that are both bigger and national in scope behind some of the hotter titles. The goal will be to focus on hard-hitting promotions that will drive presales and release-date purchases." Of course, these are precisely the kinds of events that are well-tailored to being backed up by a strong in-store marketing presence, so overall it would appear that The Marketing Arm is planning to make good use of the in-store TV network.

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