NBC builds onto Fuelcast digital signage network

Published on: 2015-02-05

As MediaPost notes:

NBC Everywhere, the out-of-home video network operated by NBC Universal, is expanding its partnership with the Fuelcast Network, which operates a network of video displays in pumps at gas stations.

In addition to bringing NBCU content to another 100 stations around the U.S., the deal makes NBCU the exclusive content provider and ad sales partner for Fuelcast; its official name is now the "Fuelcast Network powered by NBC."

Fuelcast's network covers about 600 gas stations with 6,000 screens, in seven top U.S. markets. Fuelcast says it reaches about 12 million consumers a month, via pump displays at gas stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and Miami.

In the world of gas pump-based video, Fuelcast is actually something of an underdog. One of its main competitors, Gas Station TV (partnered with CBS News), is roughly comparable in size, but claims to reach about 30 million consumers a month.

Our take:

While we remain skeptical of the pump-based digital signage market as a vehicle for selling general advertising, it does seem like the screens should be pretty effective at convincing patrons to stop inside the attached convenience store for a cup of joe or a donut or something.  On the other hand, given how expensive gas has become in the last year, how many people are going to want to drop another $5 inside after spending $50-$75 at the pump (and no doubt grumbling about it the whole time)?

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