The top digital signage, retail media and kiosk articles for July 14 - July 27

Published on: 2015-02-05

Here are the 5 articles from this week that we've picked as the most interesting, important or unusual. As always, let us know if you agree or disagree:
  • Emerging-Media Spending to Keep Growing - It's unclear how much of emerging out-of-home digital signage networks might occupy, there's no doubt that our sector is growing as fast or faster than the 23% estimated above. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that it might be as high as 100% in North America, and even more in Asia. However, even with that kind of aggressive growth, it's clear that digital signs and other similar display technologies still only account for a very tiny portion (percentage-wise) of the total ad spend
  • Nielsen Nearly Ready to Launch OOH Measurement - Nielsen has been dropping hints about the success of its PRISM in-store measurement initiative for some time now, going so far as to predict that bulk data would be on sale to the public by 3rd quarter of this year, and that a turnkey version of their service would be provided to interested retailer.
  • Esquire magazine to debut E-Ink cover - While E-Ink might eventually come to complement more dynamic digital signage in stores and other venues, for now it will be forced into a somewhat lesser role currently occupied by holograms and lenticular inserts.
  • Advertising in Digital Media - It's encouraging to see a relatively mainstream news magazine comparing digital out-of-home media to broader digital media like those on the Internet, as it provides a general lexicon and foundation for those who may be familiar with the latter but new to the former.
  • NEC's ad system pumps out spots based on gender, age - Our previous article on behavioral marketing seems all the more apt given this announcement. While a number of companies claim to offer the ability to dynamically select digital signage content based on audience constitution, as far as we know, nobody has actually widely implemented a campaign based on this technique (for the better right now, considering how wildly inaccurate these systems seem to be in the field).

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