Nielsen Nearly Ready to Launch OOH Measurement

Published on: 2015-02-05

MediaBuyerPlanner writes that:

Nielsen is expected to announce its long-awaited new service that will deliver standardized metrics for out-of-home video networks. It will deliver free reports to agency clients, as it does with its cinema reports.

The measurement company has already issued its first report, for Ideacast’s health club network, MediaPost writes, pointing out that while other companies have conducted proprietary research for place-based networks, and while Nielsen has conducted custom studies for video networks for some 20 years, a standardized metric could help attract more advertisers to the medium.

Our take:

Nielsen has been dropping hints about the success of its PRISM in-store measurement initiative for some time now, going so far as to predict that bulk data would be on sale to the public by 3rd quarter of this year, and that a turnkey version of their service would be provided to interested retailers.  While they've since scaled back those claims a bit (and are probably currently distracted a bit by WPP's relentless pursuit of them), they still claim to be ready to put their data on the market sooner rather than later.  While it's too early to say whether the system will gain the necessary traction in the retail world to be a major success, it won't be for lack of trying. Another question that has yet to be answered is whether the data will have any impact on the price of running content on advertising-driven digital sign networks, which today are mostly priced with simplistic, demand-driven models.

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