NEC's ad system pumps out spots based on gender, age

Published on: 2015-02-05

Via TechOn!:

NEC Corp has developed a digital signage system that determines the gender, generation and other attributes of a person standing in front of a display using a face recognition technology and outputs advertisements on the display according to them

Participants stand in front of the display and hold a FeliCa-based mobile phone over the reader/writer. The system determines the user's gender and generation through the camera image using the face recognition technology.

The display shows advertisements that would suit the user's gender and generation, choosing from the 15 candidates prepared in advance. An electronic coupon that would match the attributes is sent to the user's mobile phone at the same time.

If users purchase products at stores using the coupons, they will receive a chance to win a prize. By analyzing the information acquired through these actions, the system can also measure advertising effects, NEC said.

Our take:

Our previous article on behavioral marketing seems all the more apt given this announcement.  While a number of companies claim to offer the ability to dynamically select digital signage content based on audience constitution, as far as we know, nobody has actually widely implemented a campaign based on this technique (for the better right now, considering how wildly inaccurate these systems seem to be in the field).

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