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Published on: 2015-02-05

MSNBC is carrying an article about "3 hot trends can give you a competitive edge on the web and beyond," one of which is digital signage:

Whether in your offices or on the road on the side of a truck, taking your message to the masses has becomes so much easier. Digital media can be combined into a program that creates a sign in your store, outside it or on the road. Depending on your line of business, you can always take advantage of advertising on the road or within your store or store window. With digital signage, you can send your message from your fleet of vehicles or your own car, or these signs can be placed inside your facility or in a store window. Digital signage is helpful for menus, news, running lists of services and so on. Depending on the quality (and cost) of the digital sign, you can incorporate all other forms of digital media into the sign's cast.

For example, when Alysa Marsh of Fresh Free Fruit Inc. wanted to sell fruit smoothies and yogurt health drinks, she found that long lines at her counter could be put to better use than just looking around at her stock. Marsh deployed a digital sign and had a production house create a multimedia presentation that would run all day in her store and give her customers stock information and news along with health tips. From another 'digital sign' placed at the exit, she was able to run her TV commercial so that users realized that it existed and identified with it more when they saw it at home. With very little cost upfront and with very little time and effort, Marsh found that with an investment of less than $1,000, she was able to increase her sales and recoup her initial investment within two months.

Success Tip: Digitally enhance any graphic with tools such as Photoshop, Gimp or Creative Suite. Kiosks can be set up in your company lounge area for both employee and customer help, and for advertising. You can use audio, video and still images together in the kiosk or digital sign.

Our take:

While this is hardly news to anybody following the digital signage industry, it is featured in the same article as suggestions for getting into the rich media website and 'digital portfolio' markets, both of which are larger, more established, and better understood than digital signs. It's encouraging to see a relatively mainstream news magazine comparing digital out-of-home media to broader digital media like those on the Internet, as it provides a general lexicon and foundation for those who may be familiar with the latter but new to the former.

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