Seriously, no.


At least, that's what the majority of editorials written about the 1st Response Pregnancy PRO test say so far. When the device was unveiled at CES last week, the big tech editorial sites let out a collective "huh?" while trying to understand who the market for an IoT device that you pee on might be. The website says the test is, "the first pregnancy test that syncs with your smartphone and provides access to an app that offers information and support personalized to you," and while I can certainly imagine some benefit of gleaning extra information about your cycle and body chemistry while trying to conceive, the test and its associated app seems to do less than many of the female reproductive health apps already on the market (though those don't come in a nice, pink box).


Pregnancy Pro package horizontal 


What it does do an excellent job of, though, is drawing attention to exactly how bizarre the Internet of Things field has grown in the past year. From devices that count the number of eggs in your fridge to the disturbing but obvious rise of the teledildonics field (yes, that's a word now), everything is connected to the cloud, gathering data, and promising you a new, more modern and more convenient lifestyle. And with the number of connected devices expected to rise from about 7 billion to over 20 billion in the next few years, I can't even imagine what strange and wonderful connected gadgets will be making headlines next.

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