The top digital signage, retail media and kiosk articles for July 7 - July 13

Published on: 2015-02-05

Here are the 5 articles from this week that we've picked as the most interesting, important or unusual.  As always, let us know if you agree or disagree:
  • AAAA and OAAA agree on Digital Out-of-Home report requirements - The AAAA and OAAA are both long-standing organizations with massive memberships, and unlike many of the newer orgs started specifically to handle digital out-of-home stuff like digital signage, they have the clout and relationships with agencies to make many think that these report requirements might actually become de-facto standards.
  • Checkout Time Limit About Four Minutes - A number of retailers have tried everything from new checkout schemes altogether (Whole Foods, anyone?) to "checkout channel" signage networks designed to entertain beleaguered shoppers, however as far as we're aware the 4-5 minute rule has continued to hold true.
  • Attention, Shoppers: Soon Nielsen May Be Rating You - Why would we want to know if the program is effective? Well, consider this: "In a recent test, Nielsen saw sales of some groceries jump 126 percent when stores stacked them next to the produce section, but sales jumped 520 percent if the store put that same stack between the main aisles and the refrigerated meat section by the back of the store."
  • Safeway goes Hollywood - Eating Right is one of Safeway's bigger initiatives, and, much like their green- and organic- offerings, focuses on an area that captures a lot of consumer attention. So it would seem that the trend towards so-called "cause marketing" continues to make good business sense as well as having (ostensibly) some greater value.
  • Office Media Network Sees Expansion - The two-year-old network of 630 office buildings in 14 major cities stems from an investor partnership and exclusivity agreement with New Corp.'s Dow Jones and features advertising-sponsored WSJ content. As the network prepares to expand into Miami this quarter, OMN has amassed 800,000 daily viewers.

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