Safeway goes Hollywood

Published on: 2015-02-05

PROMO Magazine tells us:

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has teamed up in an exclusive partnership with Safeway to launch the Eating Right Kids line of food and beverages, which will feature Warner Bros. animated Looney Tunes characters on the packaging.

The products, which are rolling out now in stores, will fully launch this year. More than 1,700 Safeway locations in the U.S. will carry the line, which includes Toasted Os cereal, frozen meals, such as chicken enchiladas, and beverages.

In-store signage will initially support the program.

Our take:

This wouldn't be particularly newsworthy if it wasn't for the fact that Safeway has been in the news a lot lately for winning POPAI's award for merchandising excellence and, of course, announcing that it would be selling its private labeled goods in other grocery chains. Eating Right is one of Safeway's bigger initiatives, and, much like their green- and organic- offerings, focuses on an area that captures a lot of consumer attention.  So it would seem that the trend towards so-called "cause marketing" continues to make good business sense as well as having (ostensibly) some greater value.  We're guessing it isn't going to slow down any time soon.

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