Target tries a wellness channel in-store

Published on: 2015-02-05

From the In-Store Marketing Institute comes this story:

Target is testing an expansion of its Channel Red in-store TV network into pharmacy departments.

The mass merchant began rolling out video screens to pharmacy departments at 100 stores throughout the U.S. in February. The new channel spotlights health and wellness products across various categories and departments, including apparel (the chain's exclusive Champion C9 line), electronics (Nintendo's Wii Fit video game) and grocery (organic SKUs from private label Archer Farms). The network lets the chain "bring its health and wellness strategy full circle," according to a Target spokesperson.

The screens are located on side panels at the end of pharmacy department aisles. Although still in the testing phase, "guest feedback has been positive" so far, the spokesperson said.

Target declined to identify the technology company helping it with the network. When it launched Channel Red in electronics departments in 2005, it used Dallas-based Reflect Systems for technology support while managing content in-house.

Our take:

Target continues to capitalize on the current health/fitness trend that's making things like the Wii Fit so popular in the first place. The store's current in-store TV network mostly focuses on the home electronics and entertainment sections, where content is very much geared towards the products on display and improving the overall ambiance of each area.  The wellness channel will likely take a similar approach, serving up commercials for related products while pitching the benefits of healthy living, etc.

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