LevelVision expands digital signage network to over 200 locations

Published on: 2015-02-05

BusinessWire has this press release:

LevelVision Media today announced it has expanded its College Bookstore Network (CBN) to more than 200 college bookstores nationwide, providing brands with a unique channel to reach consumers at the point of persuasion. The CBN network currently reaches an audience of more than 60 million viewers annually including students, faculty, parents, alumni and local customers as they shop each year. The company expects to rapidly extend the reach of its CBN network to more colleges and universities in 2008.

The CBN network is currently installed at major colleges and universities nationwide including: Ball State, Kent College of Law (Chicago), Miami University (Ohio), Michigan State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Purdue University, The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, and University of Minnesota.

Our take:

While significantly behind their preposterously aggressive deployment plans from a few years ago, LevelVision has managed to buck the trend (so far) and continue expansion of their in-store media network to a very reasonable number of locations.  We attribute this largely to their strict focus on campus bookstores, which allows them to hone their sales message and concentrate their advertiser focus on a few key brands and markets.  Additionally, they're able to provide far more specific group targeting simply thanks to the nature of the typical patron of these stores.

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