eMarketer published a chart today from some research done by IDC group on their study of various vertical market leaders and their (current) take on the Internet of Things. In short:

The International Data Corporation (IDC) surveyed business and IT decision-makers worldwide about the IoT. In most industries, fewer than half of respondents said they were familiar with it. Only manufacturing and retail bucked this trend, with retail taking the lead by 3 percentage points.

Across industries, most decision-makers surveyed by the IDC thought the IoT would be of strategic importance to their business—but not transformational. About two-thirds of manufacturing respondents and 59.6% of retail respondents agreed. More than nine in 10 respondents in all verticals thought the IoT would be important in some way.

I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that more heads of industry are familiar with the Internet of Things. On the one hand, virtually every industry stands to gain some efficiency by putting smart devices to use, and that usually translates into better prices, better products/services, or both. On the other hand, though, there's a lot of garbage in the IoT space right now, so it might actually be for the best that some people have yet to dial into the giant IoT hype machine. Wait another year or two, see which standards start to stick, which noise has quieted down and which solution providers have demonstrated to a commitment not just to the IoT space, but also to paticular vertical markets.

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