FireCast SmartFlow SENSE Temperature-Checking Kiosk

Encourage employee and visitor compliance with health and safety guidelines by implementing contactless temperature checking at your building entrances. Unlike handheld solutions, there's no need to have an employee come into close contact with each person as they enter.

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Office employees monitoring one or more SmartFlow SENSE systems can be alerted in real-time whenever an employee or visitor comes within range of the kiosk. From that point on, they can monitor the user's experience and even offer to help remotely should the need arise.

As user data is collected, it is shown in real-time in the employee's web browser. Key information including a photo of the user, the measured temperature, and answers to any survey questions are displayed immediately.

At-a-Glance Health & Wellness Data

Detailed visit information is compiled for every kiosk user. The system automatically collects photo and temperature data, and can be configured to display an optional survey to collect additional information, as well. Your attendants will be automatically notified if the kiosk detects a temperature above your pre-set threshold, or if the user answers a survey question in a way that may call for further scrutiny.

Depth-Sensing Visitor Detection

Leveraging a state-of-the-art Intel RealSense depth-sensing camera, the SmartFlow SENSE kiosk can detect when a person is in front of the temperature scanner, and provide instructions to ensure optimal temperature detection. The system is compatible with masks, glasses, and most protective eyewear, and can send a live video feed or image of the visitor's face to an attendant for additional safety and security.

Precise Temperature Measurement

An integrated, reference-grade infrared (IR) scanner can measure the surface temperature of a visitor in as little as 125 milliseconds, and is accurate to 1°C at a range of 12".

Doorbell, Voice Chat, & Live Video

While not a full-fledged access control system, SmartFlow SENSE kiosks can also provide basic doorbell and video surveillance features.

Multiple attendants can monitor the same kiosk, or a single attendant can monitor multiple kiosks at once. Each attendant can choose whether they want to watch a real-time video feed from the kiosk's camera, and whether they'd like to hear a doorbell chime at their desk when someone approaches or uses the kiosk (or presses a “help” button for assistance). Attendants can even conduct 2-way voice chats with visitors, without ever having to leave their desks.


The SmartFlow SENSE kiosk is available as either a floor-standing or tabletop model. The floor-standing model is priced at $2,399, and the tabletop or wall-mounted model is priced at $2,199 (plus shipping).

There are no recurring fees, though the kiosk can be integrated with our SmartFlow virtual queuing and appointment booking/reminder service as well as our FireCast digital signage software.

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Please note: SmartFlow Sense is intended to be used as part of an overall health and safety protocol implemented in accordance with state, federal, and local laws and regulations as applicable to your business. Like all thermal imaging/IR sensor systems, SmartFlow Sense measures a person's surface temperature, not internal body temperature. The system uses the collected data to provide an estimated internal temperature. A person's surface temperature may be elevated for various non health-related reasons, and conversely, a person may not show an elevated temperature despite being infected with a disease. SmartFlow Sense cannot by itself detect or prevent transmission of communicable diseases in locations associated with your business. When used properly, SmartFlow Sense may help your business limit exposure to potential infectious diseases by reducing the likelihood that infected persons will enter your location. However, all other appropriate preventative measures should be used in conjunction with SmartFlow Sense. WireSpring is not aware of any studies or trials that have been conducted to establish that the use of SmartFlow Sense helps detect or prevent the transmission of communicable disease. WireSpring does not represent or warrant that the use of SmartFlow Sense will prevent infectious disease spread from occurring at or around your place of business.

Last updated: February 1, 2021