.advancedMethod Joins Eiki Corporation

Published on: 2015-02-05

As this press release indicates:

Eiki Digital Systems, headquartered in Seattle, Washington has announced the acquisition of .advancedMethod, a creative and technology based digital media company. Bob Grawet, Executive Director of .advancedMethod has confirmed they have been acquired by Eiki Digital Systems and that he has accepted position as General Manager, saying, "At .advancedMethod we have been developing digital signage solutions for years and are also an emerging digital agency. It is exciting to 'productize' our knowledge with Eiki and deliver the "express" Digital Signage Kit to distributor networks. I believe this partnership and our products will change the digital signage industry and finally realize the promise it has been struggling to complete."

Our take:

Expect to see more mergers, acquisitions and other consolidations during the remainder of this recession. As if the digital signage industry wasn't fragmented enough, the lack of access to capital, reduction of equity in companies and general difficulty to do new business will force more companies to find creative ways to make it through these tougher times.  However, that will most likely turn out to be a good thing for the industry, as we emerge from the recession with a more streamlined group of better qualified and more financially stable competitors.

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