Venco Intros Audience Measurement Screens

Published on: 2015-02-05

From DSWeekly:

Venco Electronica, an electronics solution provider with more than 25 years in the Spanish industrial electronic market, has announced the integration of TruMedia’s iCapture audience measurement solution into its digital signage screens.

Venco’s DS for Digital Screens division produces turnkey DS solutions, including HD resolution screens, platform, audience measurement, and communications. Venco screens are the first to include a fully integrated audience measurement solution with built in iCapture Camera and SmartBox. Embedded screens are available as 46- and 52-inch hi-definition LCD screens as well as 46-, 52- and 65-inch totems.

Our take:

Measurement and tracking is a hot-button issue today, whether with digital signage or other forms of out-of-home media.  Just last week Bill wrote a lengthy article on the WireSpring blog about whether companies should have the right to track customers, and if so, who should be responsible for overseeing what they record.  Likewise, Trumedia has been doing its utmost to raise the visibility of not just its product line, but the entire concept of anonymous people tracking and gaze monitoring.

While there's nothing particularly unique about Venco's integrated offering (digital signage software companies have been integrating with measurement systems for a while now), it does indicate that even smaller players are starting to pick up on the trend.  We still haven't had a huge amount of demand for these systems, so we think it's more pro-actionary (is that a word?) than re-actionary, but it's noteworthy still.

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