UzoneMedia and ComfortDelGro launch iCabTV

Published on: 2015-02-05

Another day, another taxicab digital signage network, according to EarthTimes:

UzoneMedia Inc. celebrated the commencement of its partnership with ComfortDelGro, leading taxi operator in Singapore for the launch of UzoneMedia's iCabTV network.

UzoneMedia and ComfortDelGro's taxi company, Comfort Transportation, have signed a definitive agreement which grants UzoneMedia the exclusive rights to operate touch-enabled LCD based infotainment systems in ComfortDelGro taxis in Singapore effective immediately. This marks UzoneMedia's first direct involvement in Singapore's media market and its first direct investment in proprietary digital media network.

UzoneMedia's iCabTV will be installed in ComfortDelGro taxis in stages over the next few months. With at least 1,000 ComfortDelGro taxis expected to carry the system by fourth quarter of 2008, iCabTV will reach more than 30,000 affluent consumers, business professionals, and tourists across Singapore on a daily basis.

Our take:

While numerous past attempts at making a profitable in-cab digital infotainment system have failed in the US, more recent tries, backed by larger companies like Verifone and NBC, seem to be doing better these days.  We suspect they're still a far cry from being profitable and desirable to advertisers, but that doesn't seem to stop others from giving them a go.  One thing we've noticed, though: the more affluent the customer base, the less likely they'll be to either use the system or pay attention to the ads running in its attract mode. Thus, UzoneMedia's target strategy might actually wind up being a greater hinderance than help to their business model.

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