TriOc Vision Studios introduces new digital signage product

Published on: 2015-02-05

TriOc helps keep the hype-level up with this press release:

TriOc Vision Studios - Canada's premier total service studio in the domain of end-to-end 2D & 3D digital signage solutions - has blown them away.

TriOc's team of proven professionals and innovators has aced the consumer captivation market.

So, if you don't gamble when it comes to powerful marketing techniques, read on.

"We're taking our queue from marketing and trade show professionals, training coordinators - anyone who basically needs to capture the attention of their audience and keep it. The enigma of getting the consumer's undivided attention has always plagued these professionals and now they are looking to think outside the box. TriOc's goal is to ensure that they stop consumers dead in their tracks. Our concept is simple - We sell consumer captivation using proprietary hi-impact digital display and complete signage platforms," said Joey Vaccaro, President and Founder, TriOc Vision Studios.

Our take:

Ignore for a moment that the press release doesn't indicate what exactly TriOc does (which turns out to be those kooky and expensive "3d" displays), and the fact that they're apparently the "premier" Canadian digital signage supplier despite the fact that nobody has ever heard of them and there are many larger and more notable players in that country.  No, what we really want to know is this: how does one "sell consumer captivation"?  We'd like to buy some... you know... to keep on hand in case of an emergency and all of our own captivation has been used up.

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