Titan to Roll Out Massive Outdoor Digital Signage Network

Published on: 2015-02-05

Titan Worldwide has made this announcement about their plans, including:

Titan's new digital additions to their network will include:

Bus Digital Kings -- King size 12-foot displays that use the latest LED and GPS technology. These signs are bright and unavoidable and will enable advertisers to target mass audiences by time of day, block, zip-code, demography and ethnicity. Extensive trials of the display are already underway in Chicago with a launch rollout date of late 2008.

Platform Displays -- Located on platforms across Titan's rail portfolio, these large HD screens will form one the largest pieces of Titan's digital rollout with over 1,200 planned in Chicago alone. These screens will offer consumers engaging content and relevant advertising and will also allow the Transit Authorities to reach their commuters instantly, en masse, in ways it never could before. Titan and its content partners will provide editorial content such as news, sport, weather and entertainment.

Interior Rail Displays -- Titan will also offer large commuting audiences the opportunity to be engaged and entertained within the trains with large HD, GPS-enabled displays. Making the most of the huge commuter dwell time, the screen will also bring advertisers closer to this captive audience by their proximity to the editorial content and the relevance of time and location-adaptable creative.

Urban Panels -- Titan's street-level subway displays in Chicago will be digitized in early 2009. With HD screens on both sides of the display, they will reach millions of consumers with maximum impact, allowing advertisers to change and adapt their creative by time of day.

U.K. Rail 6 sheets -- Titan has recently rolled out over 100 digital D6's (6 ft x 4 ft) in some of London's busiest rail locations. Titan trail blazed digital Out-of-Home technology in the U.K. with Transvision, a network of 18 screens in 17 of the country's busiest rail terminals. It also has large scale roadside digital inventory in London and in Toronto.

Our take:

Titan is betting about $90 million that their plan will work, and with their long-running experience in the outdoor advertising market, they might be able to make their aggressive plans work. Much like Clear Channel has been refitting a number of their static billboard locations with LED displays, Titan will be changing up some of the static ad spaces that they've been selling on busses, in subways, and in other outdoor locations, with the intention of carrying more ads using virtualized inventory in the same physical footprint. Plus, Titan will be able to offer advertisers other bonuses like geolocalized content (for moving platforms like busses), and dayparting for all locations.

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