The top digital signage, retail media and kiosk articles for May 5th - 10th

Published on: 2015-02-05

This is a new feature we'll be trying out on SignageWire.  These are the top 5 most interesting, informative or unusual articles from the past week.  Let us know if you agree/disagree:
  • Lightscape Technologies partners with Ogilvy & Mather for digital billboard content - The digital out-of-home advertising market in China is H-O-T, and Lightscape is making a very smart move by partnering with a top ad agency to maximize the impact of their displays. With Focus Media, AirMedia, Vision China and others each powering deployments of 10,000+ screens (albeit smaller ones), it takes a lot to stay ahead of the competition in China's crowded but increasingly affluent major cities.
  • PumpTop TV becomes largest gas station TV network - It seems like the best case for these networks is that they encourage more people to leave the pump and go into the convenience store, where a Slushie and a bag of potato chips usually brings in more margin than an entire tank of gas.  With the right parameters, pump-top networks could work.  However, we've already seen consumer backlash at these types of screens, so their success is certainly not yet a foregone conclusion.
  • PRN to sell ads on shopping-cart screens - It's mightily impressive that Cabco has gotten carts into 1,000 supermarkets already (if that number is to be believed, at least), but that's still a long way from the 10,000 in their plans.  While the carts are ostensibly configured to entertain kids and advertise to parents, we wonder what's to stop PRN from trying it the other way around, or, more likely, advertising to both parent and child in an attempt to get one or the other (or both) to make an impulse purchase.
  • Is the digital profiling of in-store shoppers a recipe for privacy disaster? - The collection of the data is fine if a shopper has given consent to be tracked, but the logistics of keeping track of who has agreed and who hasn't in-store are very tough to solve right now, even if you use some kind of token or RFID-based system. The bigger problem is that retailers have proven more or less inept at data security, so any private information collected is virtually certain not to remain private for long.

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