The Golf Network Prepares Major Rollout

Published on: 2015-02-05

MarketWatch alerts us that:

After three years of extensive planning, testing, and building industry relationships, The Sports Retail Networks announced the closing of its Series A funding. "We are now positioned to roll out our premier digital signage brand, The Golf Network, to more than 100 retail locations in the next two months," announced Mark Biestman, co-founder and CEO/President.

"In extensive audited production tests, TGN increased retail revenues as high as 30 percent at sporting goods stores, golf specialty shops and green grass pro shops. The potential ROI for both the retailer and advertiser is thus very strong while the consumer benefits from an improved, educated shopping experience, making a more informed purchase," [co-founder and EVP] Donahue added.

Our take:

There's no doubt that golfers represent a more affluent slice of the population than your average Joe at the local Dunkin' Donuts, however just because they have money is no indication that they're likely to part with it. That has been our principle concern with digital signage networks that try to advertise in places of leisure.  However, if TGN's "extensive audited production tests" are to be believed, this may be a moot point. Because golf has consumables (balls, tees, etc.), there's already a reason for many players to visit the pro shop before or after a round. And while these items might be the main driver for a visit, it's not hard to imagine somebody with some free money stopping to buy another shirt, or maybe even a new driver. Consequently, the ads might well be serving as a priming mechanism, and counting on some other behavior to get the golfers into the store in the first place.

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