Texas Instruments' Pico projector prototype caught on tape

Published on: 2015-02-05

Engadget informs us that:

Engadget Spanish got a look at Texas Instruments' DLP Pico projector, which both Optoma and Toshiba have expressed interest in. The little unit pumps out a WVGA (we think) 1000:1 image, which they found quite satisfactory, in addition to 0.5 watts of sound. The built-in battery should run the thing for a couple of hours.
Our take: Pico projector prototypes (try saying that 3x fast!) have been making the rounds at trade shows and closed-door demonstrations for years now, and still there are no products on the market.  While the audience for such a device seems to be growing every day -- both on the commercial and consumer sides -- it seems like either cost or technical challenges have been holding them up.  We're optimistic that these devices will see the light of day soon, as there are a good number of cool retail marketing setups that they could enable.

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