Tesco trials ZBD electronic price tags

Published on: 2015-02-05 tells us:

Tesco has ordered 2,500 electronic point of purchase displays (EPOPs) from ZBD for its latest flagship store in Birmingham.

Tesco’s Mike McNamara, Operations Development Director said: “Tesco are pleased to be working again with ZBD for our trial of Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESELs). The technology is great for helping to improve our customers’ shopping experience and making our store staff’s jobs simpler. From our previous in-store experience we believe ZBD’s ESEL displays can meet these criteria.”

Our take:

While electronic shelf labels have been touted for their ability to improve efficiency and reduce the manpower needed to make frequent price changes -- particularly in stores with thousands of SKUs -- we feel that this technology is probably still one generation away from success.  While entrepreneurs no longer need to explain the business benefits of the digital shelf tags, the current generation is likely still to expensive as to be practical in all but the highest-margin stores.

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