Telstra to try out 3-D advertising

Published on: 2015-02-05

As iTnews Australia writes:

A 3D TV in Telstra’s newly-opened Executive Briefing Centre is said to be the first commercial installation of three-dimensional content and technology in Australia.

The 52-inch display allows viewers to engage with 3D content without having to wear polarising glasses, and is expected to attract the attention of consumers in busy retail environments.

Telstra’s 3D TV is located in the reception area of its Melbourne facility and displays a short loop made of 15- to 60- second purpose-built, 3D video clips.

[PDM Creative Director Julie Frikken] estimates the cost of a 42-inch 3D TV unit to range between $10,000 to $15,000 depending on features and manufacturer.

Due to the cost of content production, she expects the technology to remain in the realm of retailers, brands and organisations, and not be accessible to consumers for some time.

Our take:

Even with the prospects of universal standards for 3-D viewing emerging, the cost of the devices and -- more importantly -- the complexity of creating suitable 3-D content is going to keep these displays in the niche category for quite some time.  That, and the 3-D effect continues to underwhelm, providing nowhere near the same level of depth as the clarity of a standard HDTV.  Still, it might prove useful in certain out-of-home situations like retail digital signage, where stopping power is often as important (if not moreso) than overall visual presentation or even fit-and-finish.

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