Start-up Empowers Advertisers with Free Out-Of-Home Media Planning and Buying Tools

Published on: 2015-02-05

This press release on MarketWatch tells us that:

Advertisers who seek greater control and accuracy in planning their Out-Of-Home (OOH) media buys can now use to create, edit, manage and E-mail their electronic Request For Availability (e-RFA) proposals to a self-selected agency representative. Advertisers can also use UnSoldSpace's innovative Lead Generation System as a secure, efficient and automated means of soliciting competitive bids (or customized responses) directly from pre-qualified OOH media suppliers.

According to Walman, an advertiser (or agency) creates and submits a public e-RFA using UnSoldSpace's Lead Generation System, which ensures all proposal details are viewable except the buyer's contact information. Suppliers can use UnSoldSpace's search engines to locate the e-RFA, or suppliers will receive a buyer's electronic proposal via E-mail if it matches their customized e-RFA alert profile. Suppliers are then able to evaluate an anonymous e-RFA for free. If interested in responding to a qualified opportunity, a supplier can opt to reveal or "unmask" a buyer's contact information for a $35 charge. Upon the supplier's payment, media buyers receive multiple responses (directly) from pre-qualified suppliers, resulting in more choices and optimal pricing for the advertiser's brand.

Our take:

Managing inventory on digital signage networks continues to be a problem, particularly for smaller networks that don't already participate in an aggregation platform like SeeSaw Networks.  We continue to see new players enter this potentially lucrative market, however might be the first time somebody has offered to let potential advertisers try before they buy, for free.  Will it work? We have no idea. Not being ad sales people, we don't quite understand what it takes to make a placement happen. However, it would seem that UnSoldSpace's approach depends on electronic, automated transactions, and the low barrier to entry should make the option attractive for networks large and small alike.

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