Star Tour travel agency chain deploys digital singage

Published on: 2015-02-05

From this press release:
Star Tour realized they could save significant expense by eliminating the need for printed posters throughout their enterprise. Each of the posters provided customers with tour promotions, rates and seat availability. The posters had to be changed frequently because tour promotions, rates and availability changed frequently. Also, the process of printing, distribution and deployment of printed posters was expensive and frequently frustrated customers because the information was not current. The solution to the issue was a dynamic digital signage network that was centrally managed, provided a consistent brand image and was relevant to the various locations throughout the Nordic region.

To meet the challenges posed by customers using the Internet to book travel plans, Star Tour redesigned their stores to nurture a more collaborative environment where customers can consult with tour professionals therefore enhancing the customer experience and motivating the customer to travel more.

To date, Star Tour has rolled out their new digital signage network in five agencies throughout Norway; the Oslo agency has six screens providing a brand message and an interactive customer experience. Sweden's fifteen agencies, Finland's six agencies and Denmark's three agencies are scheduled to be deployed over the next few months. Ferd Consulting AS and Star Tour collaborate to create content that is centrally managed and distributed throughout the network.
Our take:

There have been a few notable installations of digital signage systems in travel agency chains, but we're not sure this is a viable growth industry.  Internet travel sites have hammered most agencies either into ultra-lean pay-for-services operations or high-end concierge services. Little remains between these two poles. While digital signs might entice some pedestrians to perhaps stick their head inside an agency, we're not sure what other purpose -- other than pure branding -- they might have in the industry.  And branding doesn't seem to be the biggest issue for travel agents to be trying to tackle these days.  Perhaps the market is different outside of the US, and this deal makes more sense elsewhere?

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