SlipStream Video Launches the Pharmacy Television Network

Published on: 2015-02-05

According to this release at PR Leap:
SlipStream Video Corporation, one of the most technically advanced online video producers, has launched the Pharmacy Television Network, Inc. ("PTN"), a national in-store television network targeting shoppers in the nation’s pharmacies.

Senior Vice President, Robert Pridmore, will be overseeing this new SlipStream Video business unit. His extensive background and experience in local sales, coupled with SlipStream Video’s newly acquired digital signage network, PTN, will bring a new advertising platform to local and national advertisers.

The Pharmacy Television Network is taking advantage of the explosive trend in digital signage and out-of-home advertising which are expected to grow to $13 billion by 2010. PTN projects a network of 500 pharmacies by early 2009 through new build-outs and acquisitions.
Our take:

Interestingly, the management team at SlipStream Video is headed by John Kyle, also of Kyle Private Networks, who purchased the PharmaSee TV digital signage network from RMS several years ago.  So at first glance it's hard to understand exactly what kind of a deal -- if any, at all -- actually took place here.  Did PharmaSee TV disband only to be reformulated as part of SlipStream Video?  Is there a real change here, or is it in name only?  We also believe that at its height the network was closer to 1,000 locations.  Have many of these decided not to continue on with the new program, or has the company decided to start with only the strongest few, and build from there?  The press release creates a lot of new questions, but offers little in the way of answers right now.

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