Shopper marketing's proving it can finally deliver the goods

Published on: 2015-02-05

This shouldn't come as news to regular WireSpring readers, but ADWEEK reports that:
While TV's audiences have been fragmented by the addition of hundreds of new channels, retail has been concentrating its consumer base via consolidation. Ten to 15 years ago, the top 10 retail accounts of the typical packaged goods manufacturer represented 20 percent of sales. No more, says Peter Hoyt, executive director for the In-Store Marketing Institute. "Due to consolidation and the rise of megachains," he says, "those top 10 customers now represent as much as 80 percent of sales-more, in many cases."
Our take:

Digital signage, shopper marketing, retail media, package design, merchandising... they're all going to gain huge ground in the coming year or two due to the lack of results that the major media are producing these days. Further, consumers who might be wary of TV commercials may be more likely to look for deals inside the store, since the opportunity to save every last dollar will be high on their priority lists in 2009.

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