STRATACACHE Unveils New Audience Measurement Tools

Published on: 2015-02-05

This press release informs us that:

STRATACACHE is showcasing its newly released audience measurement module as part of its award-winning digital signage solution, ActiVia for Media.

ActiVia AM—the audience measurement module—uses simple, inexpensive USB cameras to provide consumer impression metrics, including unique consumer impressions, dwell time, impressions per merchandised object, impressions by time of day, impressions by brand or category, as well as basic consumer demographics. Later this year the ActiVia AM module will be enhanced with advanced consumer demographics, which will enable dynamic message selection on the digital sign and the ability to vary content based on viewer characteristics including gender, ethnicity and banded age group. At all times, consumer privacy is protected as consumer images are not stored by the system.

Our take:

We're not legal experts, but we think there's a reasonable possibility that offering people different deals based on their ethnicity might be illegal, or at very least violate some FTC guidelines. Whether that extends to merely showing one offer versus another remains to be seen -- it WILL be seen eventually though.

This kind of measurement system, once it becomes both effective and affordable, will likely not be restricted to digital signs and other assets that can be modified based on feedback. Expect to see all sorts of consumption habits measured as you walk through private and semi-public spaces like stores and malls.

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