Rapid feedback equals rapid action

Published on: 2015-02-05

Over at Work•Play•Experience, Adam writes that:

We actors are lucky for many reasons. Not only do we get free beer, wealth and all the best girls, we also get immediate feedback on our customer experience when the customer applauds - or doesn't. In most businesses, though, it's hard to get that highly valuable instant reaction from customers. Here's a great example that pulls it off.

At Jet service stations in Germany, the key to the rest room contains a little dial which you can turn to show how satisfied you were with the cleanliness of the facilities. You finish your business, and while walking back to the attendant you dial in your verdict - thumbs up, or thumbs down. As you hand it to the cashier, she can immediately respond to your feedback, affirm you as a customer, and take action if necessary.

Our take:

The author is right on both counts: immediate feedback is essential to making timely improvements to the customer experience, and Jet's simple attempt is a great one.   With so much interest around shopper marketing these days, it's funny that more people don't realize that closing the feedback loop is critical to determining whether the marketing practices are working at all, as well as how to improve them (since there's no such thing as "perfect" in marketing).

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