ROI Data for Restaurants with Digital Signage Released

Published on: 2015-02-05

NetWorldAlliance, charter member of the Digital Signage Association, announced a new research report today focusing on the use of digital signs in restaurants and fast food chains:

Packed with data and expert insight from Drain and Richard Slawsky, editor of and a contributer <sic> to and, the report features everything operators need to know before taking the plunge and deploying digital signage, from hardware and connection tips to cost estimates and sales-uplift figures.

Slawsky, who wrote the report, believes now is the time for restaurant operators to consider adding this type of technology to their business model. "Ready or not, digital menu boards are quickly becoming a major part of the quick-service and fast casual restaurant environments," he said in the report's introduction. "The digital-menu-board market is already a billion- dollar industry, and it has only recently gotten off the ground."

Our take:

While we've yet to purchase and review the report, the summary seems to indicate that even electronic menu boards have gotten affordable and useful enough to generate a positive return on investment -- that's something that we have yet to see in a real world implementation, though it's admittedly a space that WireSpring hasn't paid enough attention to in the recent past.

With hardware costs coming down, most restaurants having access to broadband Internet connectivity, and the commoditization of once high-end software for controlling digital menu boards, perhaps we are coming to a point where these devices can create more value than they consume.

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