Q Interactive predicts behavior for ads

Published on: 2015-02-05

Ok, it's a bit outside of the Out-of-home market, but MediaSoon came up with this story about predicting behavior to ad exposure:
Offline and online data are merged to help predict which consumers are most likely to respond to advertisers’ online ads with Q Interactive’s predictive behavioural targeting. It uses self-reported geo-demographic, behavioural and transaction-based data to work out their predictions.

Q Interactive CEO Matt Wise tells us:

“Most behavioral targeting in the marketplace is really just contextual re-targeting - delivering a female-oriented ad to consumers who have visited a women’s lifestyle site, for instance. This approach is not much more advanced than an ad exec in the 1950s placing a detergent or diapers ad in Family Circle. What differentiates Q Interactive’s behavioral targeting is that it’s proactive rather than reactive; we use a wealth of online and offline data to proactively predict the consumers most likely to respond to a given ad.”

The company’s data comes from email campaigns and form submissions. It’s now combining this with information from web display ad click-throughs.

Our take:

Predictive and behavioral marketing is the hot new thing in the marketing world these days.  Enabled by mounds of customer data and cheap computers that are fast enough to analyze it and detect patterns, it has cropped up everywhere from loyalty programs to Internet traffic monitoring systems. As our online and offline lives become increasingly entwined, expect to see this kind of predictive marketing become more accurate, more widely deployed, and, by extension, much, much creepier.

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