Posterscope OCS shows the power of out-of-home advertising

Published on: 2015-02-05

From this press release:
Posterscope USA announced today that it has conducted the first U.S. out-of-home consumer insight research survey called OCS. By launching this research initiative, Posterscope is taking a leadership position as the only out-of-home communication specialist in the industry adopting a disciplined consumer-centric planning and buying approach. OCS enables Posterscope to look at the out-of-home landscape through the lens of the consumer to find unique insights. These insights help to develop out-of-home plans and buys that uniquely connect clients with consumers in the right place, at the right time, with messaging that resonates with their individual lifestyles.
The research results are compelling:

For young adults:   
  • Young adults (ages 18-30) spend more time with out-of-home than with traditional media compared with the average adult.
  • They are 28% more likely to visit bars, clubs and coffee shops than the average adult 18 .
  • Young adults are most receptive to advertising that appears in theaters, grocery stores, on billboards and in malls.  Movie theaters, grocery stores and billboards outperform internet, magazines, newspapers and radio advertising on noticeability.
  • 84% of this group notice advertising in movie theaters, 12% more likely than the average adult.
  • They also spend an average of 61 minutes per day in their car and 14 hours per week on their mobile phone.
For the affluent:
  • 23% of those with household income of $100K  visit airports regularly; the affluent are 127% more likely to visit airports than the general population.
  • 57% of the affluent agree that they notice advertising in airports.
  • 47% say advertising in airports helps them pass time; more than 1/3 say it is "eye-catching."
  • The affluent spend more time in their cars on an average workday versus the general population.
  • This group is 56% more likely to visit gyms, 49% more likely to visit spas, and 30% more likely to visit casual dining restaurants than the general population 18 .
For movie enthusiasts (people ages 15 who go to the movies once a month or more)   :
  • In addition to movie theaters, Movie Enthusiasts are more likely to frequent several other out-of-home venues than the general population. They are more likely to report visiting malls regularly (42% more likely), casual dining restaurants (33% more likely), coffee shops (67% more likely), bars (66% more likely), gyms (51% more likely), airports (81% more likely), and sports stadiums (85% more likely).
  • 77% of Movie Enthusiasts say they notice advertising at grocery stores, 74% on Billboards, 67% at malls, and 57% at sports stadiums.
  • Over half of Movie Enthusiasts report having purchased a product they saw advertised in a grocery store.
  • Over half of Movie Enthusiasts say that advertising on billboards is a welcome distraction from traffic and that they often notice advertising on posters and billboards when they are out and about.
  • 91% of Movie Enthusiasts noticed some type of advertising at the theater the last time they went to the movies.
  • More than one-fifth of Movie Enthusiasts plan to buy a car within the next 12 months.
  • Movie Enthusiasts spend an average of 5 more minutes per day in their cars than the average adult.
Our take:

It's difficult to make generalized assumptions and conclusions from data on three distinct demographic groups, however the one trend shared amongst the three is that out-of-home remains an excellent way to advertise to their consistuents.  Whether it be the demands on time for the affluent and the lack of interest of millenials in traditional media like television and print, these people are harder to reach via old channels. While it doesn't break out digital out-of-home advertising like digital signs specifically, even these top-line findings from the OCS clearly illustrate the value of marketing to these hard-to-reach individuals outside of the home, and as we know, digital displays bring the added benefits of multimedia and time-specificity to the location-specificity of traditional OOH.

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