PlayNetwork Delivers New Serenade Service

Published on: 2015-02-05

According to this press release:

PlayNetwork announced a new level of in-store control and personalization with the debut of its Serenade Music & Messaging Service. Designed for any commercial business looking for more hands-on control in creating a memorable brand experience, the Serenade service allows marketers, brand managers and store operations personnel to personalize music and messaging content as-needed anywhere, anytime through an easy-to-use online interface.

The core of the Serenade service is its unmatched message customization and distribution functionality. With only a few simple clicks, retail, big box stores, QSR’s, grocery, hospitality and other business users can create, add, change and distribute messaging content across the enterprise. Because the platform is scalable to meet the needs of companies with thousands of locations, Serenade enables company and location-specific messaging to be inserted and scheduled to meet the promotional, advertising and training requirements of multiple regions.

Our take:

Using words like "unmatched" and "new level" is a sure way to guarantee that nobody takes your press release seriously. But even removing the hyperbole, something interesting is going on here: traditionally, PlayNetwork provided content for other digital signage networks to use -- regardless of the hardware or software powering them.  Now, the content supplier has become a potential competitor to these vendors (us included), so we're scratching our heads over whether this will result in a net business/revenue gain for them or not.

We'd guess not at this point.

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