PSI Corp. announces E-Banking Kiosk

Published on: 2015-02-05

From this press release:

PSI confirms that as of this week several of its E-Banking Kiosks are now working in the field. The locations are in New York City and New Jersey and include both supermarket and credit union locations. David Foni, CEO remarked, "I am personally very satisfied with the initial launch of the E-Banking Kiosks. PSI is having customers using the various services such as ATM, bill pay, check cashing, purchase of phone cards and gift cards among the kiosk's many services. Although we are in the beginning of a 90-day beta field trial, the results have been excellent and as such additional potential customers are viewing the kiosk and are excited by consumers' rapid utilization of the kiosk. By the end of August, PSI anticipates a total of six kiosks being deployed. PSI will be attending significant supermarket and credit union tradeshows in September. Further, PSI believes it will begin accepting orders at those tradeshows."

In addition David Foni added, "PSI's Digital Signage Network will provide for cross marketing opportunities as the E-Banking Kiosks and Hospitals in New York City are in close proximity. By the end of August, PSI will have approximately 100 digital signs in various New York City hospitals. PSI will heavily promote the E-Banking Kiosks to the hospital workers and patients as their urban demographic are the same as the users of the kiosks."

Our take:

Digital signs can be a powerful complement to interactive kiosks, particularly when they're used (part of the time, at least) to promote the services on the kiosks themselves.  This is even more true when those self-service transactions command some sort of fee, as ATM-like services often do.  In these cases, the digital sign can provide an enhanced, high-visibility call-to-action that can measurably and immediately generate revenue, which can provide an excellent source of stability for purely advertising-funded digital screen networks.

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