PRN and Cabco Parntnership Yields New Advertisers

Published on: 2015-02-05

According to this PR at MSN Money:

Thomson’s Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN), the world's most experienced provider of digital media solutions at retail, today announced five charter advertising deals with Unilever, Church & Dwight Co., Inc., Cadbury Adams, Bush’s Baked Beans and American Greetings for Cabco Group, the world’s leading international operator of electronic shopping carts.

PRN and Cabco announced their strategic alliance to enhance the in-store media experience for retailers and shoppers in May 2008. As part of the alliance, PRN agreed to sell advertising for Cabco’s TV Kart™, which incorporates interactive display screens into digital shopping carts designed to entertain young children who are sitting on the interior of the cart, while providing targeted information for moms and dads on monitors facing them while they shop.

Our take:

While PRN was destined for a while to languish in Walmart's shadow, the retail media network management company has made some interesting announcements of late, indicating that they will do what it takes to stay relevant in today's crazy market. Whether that means taking a tech-only position in Walmart's new "Smart Network" or partnering to find new screens to sell ads onto, the firm has not hesitated to take on new and interesting deals.

While this deal with Cabco - particularly the part that lets them sell screen time on the firm's TV Kart systems - probably isn't going to significantly boost their bottom line, it does show that they feel they can now address the broader in-store media market rather than exclusively focusing on "traditional" digital signage.

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