POPAI launches its digital signage blog

Published on: 2015-02-05

POPAI, the global organization for marketing at retail has just launched a blog aimed at digital retailing, and specifically, digital signage.  The posts will come from a bunch of us in the industry who already write periodically, and we're soliciting more folks who might be interested in sharing their perspective.

The site,, will feature commentary, interactive surveys, and of course, encourage comments from others throughout the industry.  Because POPAI is a non-profit organization, their interests lie solely with fostering growth in the industry.  They're nicely non-partisan, and have thousands of members not only from the usual suspects in the digital signage world, but also virtually every major retailer and consumer packaged goods brand.

Laura Davis-Taylor wrote the first article for us, looking at the potential pros and cons of using camera-based tracking systems to analyze digital signage audience size and composition, as well as gather data for shopper marketing programs.  Have an opinion on it? If so comment here!

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