POPAI Releases Marketing at Retail Glossary

Published on: 2015-02-05

A POPAI SmartBrief alerts us that:

The POPAI Desktop Reference Guide, a CD-ROM including an updated glossary of 4,000 marketing at retail terms, has been released as part of "The Power of Marketing at Retail," Revised Third Edition, the critically acclaimed handbook recently published by POPAI, The Global Association for Marketing at-Retail.

"The Power of Marketing At Retail," Revised Third Edition, is edited by Robert Lilijenwall and features chapters written by industry uthorities in a wide range of subject areas in Marketing at Retail -- from creating, planning and manufacturing to executing Marketing at-Retail displays. The 272-page book also includes new chapters on retail digital signage, the store of the future and a showcase of the best Marketing at-Retail displays of 2007.

Our take:

The 3rd edition of "The Power of Marketing at Retail" has been out for a while now, and remains one of the most important books on marketing at retail, regardless of whether your business is static POP displays or high-tech digital signage installations. The accompanying CD-ROM is an excellent resource for pretty much anybody in the industry, since there are so many niches and ancillary topics that it's impossible to know all of the key words and phrases that get thrown about.

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