NEO Advertising Partners with RMS Networks

Published on: 2015-02-05

From this press release comes the following "news":

Swiss Neo Advertising, the leading provider and operator of Digital Out-of-Home Networks, announced today that they have chosen RMS Networks’ as the company’s U.S. affiliate. Neo Advertising plans to immediately begin utilizing rVue, RMS’ addressable advertising technology, in their existing Canadian locations, as well as future outlets located in Europe and North America.

One of Europe’s fastest growing Digital Out-of-Home groups, Neo Advertising currently operates over 50,000 screens in premier locations in Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Italy. Positioning the company for continued growth, they investigated the market’s best-in-class technology solutions and industry leaders for its next strategic relationship. Neo selected RMS Networks for its reputation, full-service capabilities and proprietary rVue technology as it eyes expansion into the United States.

Our take:

After some discussion with people familiar with the deal, it appears that RMS may have jumped the gun a bit here.  Their deal is only with the Montreal sales office managing Neo's existing Canadian screen network.  While there are desires to expand into the US, there are no firm plans in place yet, or any screens for that matter.  Supposedly, the European network will continue to use their existing digital signage platform, and doesn't plan to work with RMS in the near future.  And finally, there's some doubt that the rVue platform will do little more than feed content into the Canadian network's existing infrastructure, rather than replace it outright.

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